Minutes of the Airport Advisory Committee held on Thursday 8 March 2018.




Councillor Dan Hayes                  Wagga Wagga City Council

Councillor Kerry Pascoe              Wagga Wagga City Council

Josh Dorey                                     Qantaslink

Warrick Lodge                               Regional Express

Dannielle Wait                               Wagga Wagga Business Chamber

Iain Carty                                        Department of Defence - RAAF

Geoff Breust                                  Aviation Industry Participant

Jenny Cabot                                  Aviation Industry Paticipant

In Attendance

Peter Thompson                           Wagga Wagga City Council

Caroline Angel                              Wagga Wagga City Council

Darryl Woods                                 Wagga Wagga City Council

Natalie Te Pohe                            Wagga Wagga City Council

Carolyn Rodney                            Wagga Wagga City Council

Maree Ingram                                Wagga Wagga City Council





Acknowledgement Of Country

I would like to acknowledge the Wiradjuri people who are the Traditional Custodians of this Land. I would also like to pay respect to the Elders both past and present of the Wiradjuri Nation and extend that respect to other Community members present.




Leon Burger                                   Wagga Wagga City Council

Mark Wallace                                Aviation Industry Participant




Confirmation of Minutes

CM-1         Airport Advisory Committee - meeting held 4 October 2017



                   On the Motion of Warwick Lodge and Councillor D Hayes

That the Minutes of the proceedings of the Airport Advisory Committee Meeting held on 04 October 2017 be confirmed as a true and accurate record.



Declarations Of Interest    


Councillor K Pascoe declared a Non-Significant, Non-Pecuniary Interest in that Dannielle Wait, Wagga Business Chamber Representative for the Committee, is his daughter in law.



Reports from Staff

RP-1          Airport Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference



                   On the Motion of Councillor D Hayes and Warwick Lodge

That the Committee note the contents of this report.



RP-2          Wagga Wagga City  Council - Airport Financial Overview



                   On the Motion of Councillor D Hayes and Warwick Lodge

That the Committee:

a          note the contents of the report

b          nominate 21 March 2018 and 27 March 2018 as subsequent meeting dates to facilitate a detailed review of the Wagga Wagga Airport 2018/2019 budget




Additional information required by the committee to inform the 2018/19 Wagga Wagga Airport budget review process:


1.      Warwick Lodge – Explanation required in respect to the significant increase in depreciation from 2016 financial year to the 2017 financial year noting there being no big increase in capital expenditure to align with depreciation.

Revaluation of the airport, how does the process work, who does the revaluation?

·      Peter Thompson – information will be supplied to explain depreciation and revaluation

2.      Geoff Breust – Need to understand where the grant funding is up to in respect to the Capex budget next year. Will they be factored into the budget? Need to look at what the funding is for, it may be better used for something else.

·      Peter Thompson – The grants will be included in the budget. Funding would be lost if it were to be channelled into a different project.

3.      Cr Hayes – Would like a status report on all airport projects.

4.      Warwick Lodge – Is the $3.8m Airport Terminal likely to be started in this financial year?

·      Darryl Woods – A status update will be provided. The Airport budget review will inform the Capex going forward.

5.      Josh Dorey – It would be helpful to have clarity on what money has been repurposed, What it was for and now what it is being used for.

6.      Warwick Lodge Cr Pascoe – What process is followed re airport assets such as the main runway?

7.      Cr Pascoe – Present in the next two weeks, details as to what has to be spent over next 10 years on assets including details on Bay 4 problems i.e. cost, how big?

8.      Warwick Lodge – Can a detailed depreciation schedule be provided to the Committee as it would be good to understand whether recommendations can be made to tie into the Capex budget?

9.      Geoff Breust – Would it be possible to get AVDATA details?

10.   Darryl Woods – Would like an indication from REX and Qantas as to the following:

a.  Loading/forecasting for next financial year

b.  Pilot shortages

c.   Reduced flights into Wagga (forecast flights/passengers)

·      Both REX and Qantas provided a broad explanation on the outlook for regional aviation

11.   Cr Pascoe – Invited the General Manager to make a comment on management structures at the airport

·      Peter Thompson responded that he would bring back a discussion paper which reviewed various management models for operations of regional airports for the consideration and comment of the committee.

12.   Warwick Lodge – Would like more detail on Other Expenses including:

a.    Airport Screening Costs

b.    Airport Internal Administration Costs (what is this about).

13.   Geoff Breust – Borrowing Arrangements – How are Council loans done for the airport?