Minutes of the Airport Advisory Committee held on Wednesday 21 March 2018.




Councillor Dan Hayes                  Wagga Wagga City Council

Councillor Kerry Pascoe              Wagga Wagga City Council

Elton Passini                                 Qantaslink

Warrick Lodge                               Regional Express

Dannielle Wait                               Wagga Wagga Business Chamber

Ross Magno                                  Department of Defence - RAAF

Geoff Breust                                  Aviation Industry Participant

Jenny Cabot                                  Aviation Industry Participant

Rob Gray                                        Aviation Industry Participant


In Attendance

Peter Thompson                           Wagga Wagga City Council

Caroline Angel                              Wagga Wagga City Council

Darryl Woods                                 Wagga Wagga City Council

Natalie Te Pohe                            Wagga Wagga City Council

Carolyn Rodney                            Wagga Wagga City Council

Leon Burger                                   Wagga Wagga City Council

Carmel Hilton                                Wagga Wagga City Council



Acknowledgement Of Country

I would like to acknowledge the Wiradjuri people who are the Traditional Custodians of this Land. I would also like to pay respect to the Elders both past and present of the Wiradjuri Nation and extend that respect to other Community members present.




Josh Dorey                                     Qantaslink

Iain Carty                                        Department of Defence – RAAF

Chris Cabot                                    Aviation Industry Participant

Mark Wallace                                Aviation Industry Participant





Confirmation of Minutes


CM-1         Airport Advisory Committee - meeting held 4 October 2017



                   On the Motion of Jenny Cabot and Warwick Lodge

That the Minutes of the proceedings of the Airport Advisory Committee Meeting held on 08 March 2018 be confirmed as a true and accurate record.



Declarations Of Interest    

No Declaration of Interest received

Reports from Staff

RP-1          Contractual arrangements with AVDATA



On the Motion of Warrick Lodge and Dannielle Wait

That the Committee note the contents of this report.


Discussion Points

Geoff Breust:

-     Is there a more rational way of charging aviation fees without using Avdata?


Peter Thompson

-     If there is a more logical solution Council would be open to discussion.




RP-2          Airport - Financial information



On the Motion of Warrick Lodge and Dannielle Wait

That the Committee note the contents of the report



Discussion Points


Depreciation of Assets and Asset Valuations


Warrick Lodge and Geoff Breust

-   Discussion on the depreciation schedule and the revaluation of the assets for the purpose of depreciation.

-     Please include the Australian Accounting Standards (mentioned by Carolyn Rodney) for the next meeting and an explanation of Fit For The Future


Elton Passini:

-     A six month read out would be valuable

-     Can benchmarking be carried out after the review?

-     Re-balancing of charges – GA Vs. RPT (from a recovery point of view)


Carolyn Rodney:

-     All components of the review have been approved by the Auditors

-     Revaluation of all Council assets is undertaken every 5 years


Darryl Woods:

-     Council is not recovering the full rate of depreciation in the fees and charges


Peter Thompson

-     There is a push for accurate valuations of Council assets due to many being undervalued in the past

-     There is push for Councils to move away from private auditors, higher push for scrutiny

-     The questions of asset valuation and depreciation will be addressed in the Airport Review that we would hope to have completed in 6 months.


6:28pm Rob Gray entered the meeting



Capital Projects


Warrick Lodge:

-     Re-seal of Don Kendell Drive and line marking, why is this under the Airport Budget rather than Council public roads?


Leon Burger/Carolyn Rodney:

-     Don Kendell Drive is not a Gazetted road and zoning is based on who has control over the asset (Crown Head Lease)



Taxiway Upgrade Project  


The meeting had a lengthy discussion on the taxiway upgrade project. Council advised that the taxiway upgrade project was a 100% funded NSW Government grant and the decision was imminent in redirecting funding from the terminal upgrade to enable the taxiway upgrade to allow code 3C aircraft project to progress.


The meeting discussed if the upgrade could still occur, to upgrade the taxiway to its current classification rather than upgrading to Code 3C aircraft.


Council advised that the project was a fully Government funded upgrade. Funding would be forfeited if Council does a reseal only, rather than a full upgrade, and also the risk of potential of reputational damage.


Elton Passini:

-     If the reallocation of funds is not approved, will the committee re-evaluate the project?


Caroline Angel

-     Yes



Lighting Upgrade Project  


The current system is old and parts are no longer readily available. Constant deterioration in the system, it is getting harder and harder to access parts as the manufacturer no longer exists and we are seeking spares from multiple suppliers and second hand parts.



Car Park Equipment Upgrade


The meeting asked for an explanation of the equipment upgrade. Faults are occurring if the system goes offline (payments can’t be processed, boom gates don’t open)


Faults aren’t causing substantial losses to Car Park revenue



Terminal Upgrade


Council confirmed the Terminal was designed. It was noted that the Federal Government is still to release the findings and recommendations of its review of Airport Security, which could have an impact on the terminal layout.



Bay 4


Geoff Breust:

-     Would like clarification re Bay 4, report states no failure

-     Is Council confident that the works are ok?


Darryl Woods:

-     The surface isn’t as good as we’d hoped. The rolling being conducted by the contractor is at no additional cost to Council

-     Airport Bays are fully utilised. In order to consider other repair techniques the committee needs to consider taking back Bay 1A to allow space on the Aircraft Bays to undertake longer term repair methodologies.



Land Acquisition


Councillor Pascoe:

-     Business Case – what effect will the PFAS investigation have on the requisition?

-     What risk is Council taking on?


Ross Magno:

-     Defence understands and appreciated the risk involved for Council


Elton Passini:

-     Will this be part of the budget still?


Carolyn Rodney:

-     Funds will remain in reserve



Internal Administration Costs


Warrick Lodge:

-     Please provide information in regards to the internal admin costs. What are the exact costs within the $285,568? More detail is required.


8:05pm Ross Magno exited the meeting


Elton Passini:

-     What measures are in place/benchmarking?


Darryl Woods:

-     Council will provide a breakdown

-     Details will be collated and discussed at the next meeting



Loan Borrowings


Warrick Lodge:

-     Are interest rates fixed?


Carolyn Rodney:

-     Yes. This provides clarity for budgeting purposes







1.         Elton Passini:

            Can we plan for the Committee to hold a specific session to align objectives?


            Peter Thompson - A date will be set for this session