Minutes of the Floodplain Risk Management Advisory Committee held on Tuesday 30 October 2018.







Cr Greg Conkey OAM                           Wagga Wagga City Council

Cr Vanessa Keenan                              Wagga Wagga City Council

Cr Rod Kendall                                       Wagga Wagga City Council

Jenny Rolfe                                             Community Member     

Brian Mahony                                         Community Member

Patricia Murray                                       Community Member






Steve Manwaring                                   Office of Environment and Heritage

Craig Ronan (via teleconference)       NSW State Emergency Service

Caroline Angel                                       Commercial Operations Sector Director

Sylvester Otieno                                     Manager Operations

Peter Ross                                              Manager Technical and Strategy

Darryl Woods                                          Senior Project Manager

Janice Summerhayes                           Director Community

Scott Gray                                               Manager Executive Support

Brett Koschel                                          Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Adriaan Stander                                     Strategic Planning Coordinator          



The meeting of the Floodplain Risk Management Advisory Committee commenced at 8.34am.


Acknowledgement Of Country

I would like to Acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this Land, on which this meeting takes place and to pay my respects to Elders past and present.




Cr Tim Koschel                                       Wagga Wagga City Council

Peter Thompson                                    General Manager

Ros Prangnell                                        Community Member







  Confirmation of Minutes

CM-1         Meeting Minutes - 14 August 2018



                        On the Motion of J Rolfe and Councillor R Kendall

That the Minutes of the proceedings of the Floodplain Risk Management Advisory Committee Meeting held on 14 August 2018 be confirmed as a true and accurate record.








Declarations Of Interest


There were Nil Declarations of Interest Received






Reports from Staff

RP-1          Project Updates



                        On the Motion of J Rolfe and R Kendall

That the Committee receive and note the report.


Project 18640 – Wagga Wagga Villages Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan


Steve Gray from GRCHydro made a presentation to the committee providing an overview of the proposed villages overland flow investigation which is about to commence.  The villages to be considered as part of this report include Tarcutta, Ladysmith and Uranquinty.


Normally the investigation would be a five step process, but completion of the recent major floodplain study will allow this project to start directly with the study and plan aspects.


An update of the Australian Rainfall and Run-off manual (AR&R) was finalised in 2016.   This will  require a review of the major floodplain study to determine any impacts in relation to the locality of the three villages.


An initial understanding of overland flow impacts within the three villages is as follows:


·         Tarcutta – Limited number of properties affected

·         Uranquinty – Has internal overland flow issues

·         Ladysmith – There is little impact from Kyeamba Creek flow with a minimal number of properties affected. Has probably the lowest hazard level of the three villages.


Community consultation to be undertaken in 2019. Critical to discuss and disseminate  flood issue outcomes.


Queries raised:


Sam Robins – planning issues relating to controls surrounding overland flow v versus riverine flooding – freeboards. “Everyone wants a shed” issue – knock on effect. Undertaking a $5k study for a $4k shed not ideal.


Cr Kendall – Suite of options for Risk Management. Analyse all properties having an impervious area (shed) to show flow on effect.

Steve Gray – good idea to help understand effects


Brian Mahony – already seeing effects of Uranquinty growth with regard to overland flow. Uranquinty modelling seemed ok  - detail showed some issues.


Darryl Woods – What level for Sandy Creek in the Study?

Steve Gray – Not sure yet, Uranquinty could be peak/peak


Cr Kendall –Study could have insurance implications.


Steve Gray – Risk Management mitigation options could include:

§  Structural – deflect water – Building Control review

§  Planning

§  Voluntary Property Purchase

§  Raise Houses

§  DCP Controls

§  Response measures – Early warning

§  Review suggestions from Community then rank them



Caroline Angel – Will require information from the other communities as well

Suggestion – consider subcommittee groups to be setup



Project 1793 – Main City and North Wagga Levee Construction – Stage 1


Committee members to undertake site visit of levee works on Tuesday 6/11/18 at 8am.


Cr Kendall – Levee Kooringal Road, when will it be open for use by the public?

D Woods – Works are anticipated to be completed next month.

Cr Kendall – Will access be provided to the public following this time?

D Wood – Will take this on notice.


Cr Kendall -  How will the permanent barriers at the intersection of Kooringal Rd and Copland St impact access for users of the bike track on the levee?

D Woods – There will be a ramp installed.






BWN 1 - Review of DCP Flood Controls


Advice was provided from Council’s Strategic Planning Coordinator, Adriaan Stander,  that a consultant has been appointed to undertake an update of the DCP flood controls as an action arising out of the adopted Floodplain Risk Management Plan. An update on the progress of the review will be provided in early 2019.




The next meeting to be held mid December 2018


The Floodplain Risk Management Advisory Committee rose at 9am.